"Once in a lifetime celebration"


Quotes february 19, 2012 8:05PM Thank you for everything! Everything was so beautiful, you did an amazing job & helped make my night eveything I wanted it to be! Thank you so much! -Kayla Quotes
Sweet 16

Quotes This work is GREAT. My son loved his birthday extravaganza. His centerpieces were lovely. Thx for all the amazing work! Quotes

Quotes From the moment set foot in this marvel on Main Street, the welcoming atmosphere and the ambiance and attitude of the owner/designer is not to be found in any gift store around. It is a buried treasure waiting to be unlocked. Not pushy at all, Browse all you'd like, made suggestions. Worked well with price range and accomodated my every need. Not only is the final product outstanding but the attention to purpose was poignant. The amazing talent of placing elements of my choosing just so. She captured my emotions and mirrored them into the wonderful gift baskets that are for our volunteers. Attentive, Accomodating, Attractive, Aspiring, All of the above I found at Moli's Creations. In my professional opinion both the product and the artist get an A+, and that's coming from a former professor. Thank you so much, couldn't ask for more. Quotes
Donna L. Haring
Ecstatic Customer